MoneyBall style statistical analysis

  • Hi again,

    I have spent a good portion of the week doing research for the SS and, for me, a hefty investment in. I have just realised I have not spent any time actually watching football as the England game is on later.

    I have used the forum, facebook, the FI website, Footy Index Scout,, Google and simulated a couple of Football Manager 2019 seasons to look at transfer activity on a bloody computer game.

    So my question is this. Can this method be successful or do I need to add a BT and Premier Sports subscription to my Sky Package? I have an over active 3 year old so time is limited.

  • @Zidave dont need to worry about watching it live so much, but use flashscore, whoscored etc to track games- these get updated ahead of the so called 'live' feeds and lots of money moves due to a goal or a broken leg before it being televised. These websites are also good ways of tracing player performances rather than having to watch them. But it is good to watch some players before buying...i was thinking about Brandt and Havertz for a while then saw them tear a team apart so bought in, decent profit so far.

  • I also have an over active 3 year old, in addition to a lazy 10 year old. But I've gone the opposite route to you and prioritised watching footy over and above going overboard with stats.

    Sure, I look at who scored etc., and review the forum for others' opinions on my current and potential holds. But I'm a football lover first and an indexer second, so I much prefer sitting down to watch a game - particularly when one of my holds is playing.

  • @gloryhornet88 yeh i think thats why betting is such good fun because it makes watching bloody hoffenheim vs augsburg good fun.

    You can easily moneyball this thing tho yes if you use all the pb analysis.

  • @LuaLua too right!! I was engrossed in the Leverkusen v Werder Bremen game last weekend. Before FI, I'd have rather watched Postman Pat with my youngest.

  • I have 2 daughters aged 4 and 7. I invested £5k into building a big "summer house" so I can escape the madness to watch as much as I can also using flash score. I am hoping my research pays for my outlay in the next 2 years....

  • @Zidave Get BT for the UCL alone. Premier sport is junk, I'm keeping til the end of the season however, if Seria A doesn't move to a better channel i'll just stream the BEin broadcasts next season.

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