Post SS

  • So how long do you think itll take for the players to rise to the prices they are now pre SS ? Months or years and I know certain players will rise faster but I'm looking for more of an average an will it take 10s of millions to get them back where they are now if so where's the publicity drive for new people and new money I only found out about this site watching Unitedstand on youtube and haven't seen it advertised anywhere

  • @Jad1982 I could be wrong, but right now it takes 100 shares to be bought for the prices to increase by 1p, so after the share split it'll take 300 shares for the price to increase by the same amount, so honestly I don't think prices are gonna increase all that quickly on average

  • Until the next share split probs 2 years maybe ?

  • With shares increasing x3, do ye think it will be more difficult to sell in the sell queue?

  • lets see

    Reus at 2.67 post split that 89p

    if we assume its going to take 300 futures purchased to rise by 1p

    300 x 1.78 53400 futures purchased to get Reus back up to 2.67

    From that point of view I'd say 'a while'

    but I can see others flying. The usual big hitters will rise imo, not to £12 but up from £4 to £6 which is 50% ROI
    and players like Vardy at 40p have the potential to bring good profits.

  • The only way i view it is almost every player will double eventually at the very least. Ramos rose from 70p to £6, jovic 38p to £6 plus. Tielemans never won a dividend but rose from 70 odd p to well over £2 doing nothing at all. Im aiming for double post ss price and then make decisions at that point. my only concerns are they are ss with dividend increases at the same time, maybe means we wont be seeing another div rise for quite some time

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