Anyone else being a bit anal about the decimal round up?

  • Sounds like the split will included some rounding when the decimals hits the thousandths. So if a player ends up valued at 21.262222p he will go to 21.26p (you've lost 0.002222p per share) and someone valued at 56.937777p will go to 56.94p (you've gained 0.002223p per share).

    So it could have a shudder to your port either way.

    Just wondering if anyone is trying to take the time to work out any players this might affect and perhaps buy an extra share to change the rounding to favor?

  • makes sense to look at. if you lose a penny per share on player and have 1000 plus shares like many of us... adds up.

    dangerous to start spending money on extra shares forecasting a favourable penny tho… the price will still be volatile right up to the split. imagine buying a share on someone to make the rounding work for you, only for a minute later his price changes and now your on the negative rounding lol.

    id like to think itl even itself out or be lost in amongst the growth anyway

  • "a bit anal" ahahha understatement of the year. Impossible to reliably affect.

  • @Westy if I was to drop a box of matches, I have a sneaking suspicion you could count the amount in a blink on an eye, like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Main. Infact, keep this shit up and I’m gonna call u Rain man 😘

  • @Westy to answer the original question, they will round everything up & lower the spread by a penny.

    Job done - simple but effective. 👍

  • @Ericali nice.

  • I think FI will just manually adjust and give you back the difference. Take O Dembele currently £8 for one future, after SS 3 futures at £2.66 = £7.98 difference of 2p which will be manually credited back to your account. No round up or downs required.

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