Buy price increasing

  • Just wondering if there is a logical explanation for this or if I'm misunderstanding how it works

    I had 20 futures and sold half to the market my buy priced showed as 1.80 at this point. Now the buy price has gone up to 1.84 on the remaining 10 thus reducing the profit. Why is the buy price increasing?

  • Because you would have got the players at different times making an average buy price and those players you sold first would be the ones you bought st a lower price therefore making the average of the ones left higher. Makes sense?

  • @Indexman Does indeed. Thank you. I've been gradually building my portfolio but hadn't sold anything until now!

  • @NewUser247841 theres a fault in the system at the moment your cost price should only be affected when buying it shouldnt move upon selling. Hopefully they will fix it soon. Dont worry though it doesnt actually affect youre money

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