Go big or not go big

  • I joined in the summer last year. Had to get my money out. Come back in January to see I’ve clearly missed out as my players would have progressed nicely.

    However, back in with £1.1k and was 4% up which gas now gone to 14% since announcement etc.

    It’s pretty obvious that in a year from the split the prices of the big hitters will be back at the prices there are now.

    However, what’s stopping me sticking in a couple of thousand and working with a small and elite portfolio is all the bugs when I go to sell or buy. Don’t mind it for £10/£20 but if I have £3/£4K on the line then what??

    Has this always been the case?

  • Certainly the small problems aren't ideal,and anyone involved hopes they get them sorted out asap but how much would you have been up since you left? Would guess probably doubled your money. It's clear there are ppl with huge sums in the platform, I'm convinced that's why I have invested every spare penny I could, and have enjoyed my portfolio increasing daily. Dont see anything in a few technical issues weighing it up to an increase in my investment no bank in the country could give you.

  • They are currently dealing with 5 X the volume of users from just a few months ago, so we all just need to show a bit of patience with the hiccups. 👍

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