Joan Jordan

  • Anyone have any idea what has caused the growth in his share price past 24 hours?

    I’ve held for awhile now and seemed to have bought at a peak price at 1.15 and he has pretty much been in the red ever since! Nice surprise today to see a bit of growth in him I must say!

  • There were some rumours of a move to a bigger La Liga side although none of the biggest sides. He's also been selected for the Catalonia side which has gained some media attention as Xavi and Pique have come out of 'retirement' to play in it. Neither were enough to persuade me to hold.

    He does also sound like an 80's female wrestler so I guess that could have an impact.

  • Yeah those don’t sound like good reasons for me to hold either I am glad his price has gone up and I’m now with a clean pair of hands, I just hope I don’t live to regret it like some of my past sells!

  • He was pumped on Twitter and is now back down to £1.12 but he’s actually a very good young player who will move this summer and has good Pb.

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