Ousmane Dembele


  • 7.99 was lowest i recorded over this week..then 800 and 8.01 since

  • @NewUser297399 shhhhh. Why the shouty capitals? I’m standing right next to you.
    Bottomed out? Maybe, maybe not.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well he might be as low as £2.67 on Tuesday.

  • Frustrating hold, I had to get rid.. hard for him to win MB due to he’s name and not great for PB

  • 0_1553382580835_upload-2b57a8c1-8b0c-4fca-8c2b-65b3649bc599

    Little bit risky as he's arguably becoming a bit injury prone at such a young age but if he can get anywhere near his peak of ten pounds he's a decent buy. He'll probably get to 8.30 before he even returns and you can flip him before he even plays however I have no money and he's maybe a bit expensive for this tactic. Would rather go buy pietri.

  • @LuaLua - same reason I have never been tempted.

  • ALL OF THEM!!!!!

    (I can’t believe no one beat me too this)

  • when someone asks me about Ousmane Dembele i say "exciting talent that is yet to live up to his potential'

    so if we say 'has he bottomed out' are we saying... he can only get better from here?? are we now expecting him to start tearing up world football like his potential promises? Or are we going to be in a continued ride of glimpses of class followed by lulls due to injury and form?

    I'm not sure whether he's consistenly delievered enough for me to get excited enough to invest... and remember whilst he's not even his own clubs best player his chances of buzz is limited due to a certain Lionel Messi....

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