Pjanic playing well tonight?

  • I am watching the Spain game but Pjanic is running things according to Sofascore. Anyone watching? His price is half that a year ago. I assume, like Dybala, his PB has suffered this season due to the arrival of Ronaldo.

    He is 28. Does he have a transfer rumour in him? Will he play with Ramsey?


  • @Zidave
    PB max 221
    PB base 101
    PB avg 121

    So his PB is really impressive and he was many times very close to win PB... even on triple day.
    Still in CL so maybe will... but the worst thing for him is (not Ronaldo) that, he never or just few times played 90mins. He was few times on top of the list for PB and then boom - sub πŸ™„ Just unlocky, if not that I belive he would be at Kroos price...
    Still 28, there was some transfer rumours so for that price why not. If he will move to team where can play 90 min every week I'm sure he will win lots of dividends! One to watch for summer transfers for sure πŸ€”

  • He was quite clear he wanted to stay at juve when clubs came sniffing last transfer window. But he also said this
    That midfield is starting to look a little packed with known names like kheidra matuidi ramsey emre can cuadrado dybala and him ...wouldn't be overly surprised if one or even two left. Then again I don't follow Juve that closely.

  • @LuaLua - Add Bentancur to that list too. I think Cuadrado has been linked with Watford. Can't see Khedira getting into that team much.

  • @Zidave He doesn't. Only 18 appearances.

  • Sami Khedira is very similar to FI... he’s got a dodgy ticker!

  • Cuadrado plays wide so rule him out. So you have khedira emre pjanic ramsey matuidi bentancur for the middle, usually play 433 so thats not a bad 6 to cover 3 positions. They have 9 subs in serie a also so no one is being left out of match squads either. However they also apparently looking at ndombele so if that happened khediras days are numbered for me

  • @Finlay77 Cuadrado actually plays in that middle three sometimes. Wide but still in the three.


    If real put in a 75 mil bid I see him being sold. They've just got ramsey on a free after all. Both 28. Kheidra will likely leave yea your right.

  • @LuaLua Ah, didnt think he would play that position. Ive seen him wide right and also right back. Be mad to sell pjanic. Really good player

  • @Finlay77 i agree.

  • Getting rid of him at this stage would be a bit of a pjanic sell.

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