• This guy looks really cheap. Valued at 1.09 and 36p after share split. Hes 23 and already starts midfield for Belgium and is one of Wolves most important players.

  • @NewUser287844 - there was a thread on this the other day. His PB is atrocious so in my opinion you are wasting £1.09. He will never win MB. Does he score or get assists ever?

  • I think there is some value in Wolves players, mainly in capital appreciation.. I decided to get a few Jota (1.89 my buy price) as he is the one I feel has the most potential for a move to a bigger club.

    Neves obviously also has that but is almost double the cost!

  • @AdyH - I agree with Jota. If MB has been opened up then maybe Coady and Doherty in the lead up to the FA Cup especially if they got to the final.

  • @Zidave 1 goal and 3 c;lean sheets in 2019

  • @AdyH
    Jota was one of the first players I bought on this app, first he was going down but I was always confident with him have a bit of patience and right now I’m seeing nothing but green on him

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