Got stood up by an IPO

  • Keep thinking Ethan Laird a scoring fullback is gonna make it onto the united bench and get on the index but he keeps just missing out.

    Who are you waiting for and why?

  • he's never actually made the squad, daliot, young, rojo, even bailly has been tried at FB. And then there's Valencia trying to make a comeback before the season ends to get a new deal. Cant see this lad getting a chance while they have so much at stake. Even named on the bench. More likely to put 1 experienced defender on the bench, then if Ole wants to blood some youth, the young midfielders/strikers.

  • John Jules a young kid at arsenal will be a hit when he gets on here eventually

  • @Munchie63 Agreed although brandon williams got brought with the squad to go to paris and if Laird wasn't injured he'd probably be ahead of him. I agree its definitely a little way down the line but i can get excited early no harm in that :) United likely get rid of rojo and valencia this window as well.

  • Youssoufa Moukoko(14) from dortmund & Karomoko Dembele(16) from Celtic

    Mouokoko is a clinical striker at youth level and plays for dortmund U17 already. Could potentially see him fast tracked depending on his development because both Germany and Dortmund lack striker depth. But could not see him in the index for some years with his age.

    Karamoko Dembele just signed his first professional contract and could make an appearance before the end of the season with Celtic close to winning the league. Looks very exciting with potential to get lots of goals and assists in Scotland and the chance to play in Europa/CL next season. Also has dual nationality with England/Scotland and potential big transfer from Celtic if he develops well so could have significant MB benefits in future.

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