Do you expect a final surge in the topm players prices

  • With the split just hours away are you expecting Pogba, Neymar etc to have a further surge prior to the split.

    We all know the price after the split is technically really the same but it does seem that there is a % of users waiting for 1 share to be a more accessible price waiting to buy them.

  • Not only that but new users signing up.

    Seeing 1 share for £22 seems way more than 3 @ £7.30 especially if they have nothing to compare it too.

    Further down, players in the £10 bracket. 1 share for £10 seems a lot for new guys, getting 3 for the same price seems less.

  • certainly. Of course the 3 for 1 is the same in £s

    but someone wanting to invest £20-£50 on payday is more interested in 5 Pogba's than 1 as an example.
    Or 50 x £1 buys elsewhere

  • @Munchie63 thats my thinking. If someone has limited themselves to £25 deposit per week they arent likely to wait and buy one neymar per week but they mit if they are buying 3

  • Looks to me as though he answer is yes! Plenty of buying going on by the looks of it.

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