Hows your Portfolio reacting?

  • Hi guys I'm seeing a lot of green as the split looms on the horizon. Just wondered if we are all seeing similar.

  • Mine is green but not moving much, but my portfolio is built pretty solidly for next season so wasn't expecting to see much movement.

    Except Sterling. Only have 20 of him that I bought last week and £87 up on him.

  • its been Flying for a week or so especially the last 4 days

  • @Frankie66 its flying im up over 10% in the last week

  • 10% up on last week or so but decided a big change was due put a lot of my port into ipd players

  • Yeah, it’s a bit nuts at the moment. Andy and me discussing this earlier. Flat feb. But both our ports gone up £2k in last couple days. Will cool off by the end of the week tho once share split has calmed down.

  • @Frankie66 Almost 10% up over 7 days and 2.8% in last 24hrs, happy days.

  • Up 7% this week so thinking of seeking off a few of the big boys to invest in those that haven’t spiked yet... what do you guys think??

  • I think the big boys will keep going up after the split, plus you got all the dividends to win on them.

  • All green (30 players) apart from one. Withdrew £475 early this morning in dividends/price appreciation profit. Currently heading for another £1k appreciation profit before midnight.

  • Great to see you are all benefiting I'm up about 6.5% myself in the last week which is fine. Some of the players in my portfolio which I've invested in for the future are now tipping into the green at the moment. Hoping for a spike in some of my flippers to free up some cash for reinvesting.

  • I’m loving it... 10% up in a month.
    My only niggle is though... if we are doing all this winning... who is doing the losing?

  • Pretty familiar 24hr reading for me.

  • I thought the CHO bubble was fit to pop so I cashed in on both him and Sancho! Which was hard as I’m a massive fan of them both and genuinely think they are world top 10 players potentially but I’m thinking that once back to club football they will drop and then I can reinvest again in the summer when I expect big transfer scenarios and MB for both of them hopefully! Currently priced higher than both sterling and Kane was a bit much for me!

  • Would be good to see the companies balance sheet. See what’s going on behind the scenes. P/L, EOY reports... that sort of thing.

  • @MrWh1te said in Hows your Portfolio reacting?:

    Mine is green but not moving much, but my portfolio is built pretty solidly for next season so wasn't expecting to see much movement.

    Except Sterling. Only have 20 of him that I bought last week and £87 up on him.

    Why for next season in March and a summer of MB? Seems like dead money to me.

  • @Zidave That is exactly the dilemma facing alot of traders. When to invest and when to cash in and reinvest especially those with small pots and ports. I have a small pot in comparison to many and after sitting back and studying for a year decided on a plan which I implemented once a date for the SS was announced. I think the dilemma is for most do you all in on your Neymar,Messi and Pogba or spread. Then it's do you do it before or after the SS.

  • 5.5% up since last week, 1.25% up on last night alone.

    I think this week will grow quite a bit, but there will be a big flat period early April.

  • @Zidave
    Yeah I didn't plan it like that.
    When I first joined back in December-ish, I put down £440 and bought:
    Pulisic (Bought at high point and holding for next season)
    Tammy Abraham (when it looked like he was getting transfer, he stayed and im confident long term so holding)
    Rashford @ £8.80, decent profit but he is slowly dropping daily atm
    Piatek (Bought low, sold high, bought back in lowish and he has continued dropping)
    Jack Clarke, he will rise massively next year

    Invested another £1000 for SS etc
    Dembele and he got injured straight away
    Danny Drinkwater as my gamble for a move in summer
    Icardi - he is returning from injury and will move in summer
    Sterling (now £91 up)
    Timo Werner
    Edouard (gamble for a transfer to pb league)
    More Piatek whilst cheap (yet he is still dropping)

    All in all, I guess I have a lot to play for this year and the summer after all and I am pretty happy with things.
    I go for younger players who are already doing the business, less profit but less risk imo.

  • I’m only small time compared to most of you big hitters but I decided to sell my 12 Pogba figures for a tidy £82 profit, while simultaneously depositing £50 (I never invest more than £50 at a time) and reinvest in younger players with potential. In this for the long haul, and the SS will help the slow but steady growth.

    In answer to the user who asked ‘who is losing’ well, not many are because FI make mega bucks off all the commission, especially all the IS trades.

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