Assists in midfield

  • I have a request to all you peps out there, I am so surprised after just looking for him that James Milner is not in the 1st team. He created the most chance's by any player last season. with the new style fantasy Football coming in a few weeks would it not be prudent to get him promoted out of the Squad?

  • Saying this Leighton Baines and Nathan Clyne are also up there for most assists to and they are not in the 1st team either.

  • Nope

    We need to keep as few defenders as possible in the first team so we can milk them for PBs. Adding more players that will share out the PBs just costs everyone money.

    People need to think before using their votes.

    Fill the 200 with loads of potential guys in midfield and forwards who could explode in value and then a small number of defenders so we can milk the PBs.

  • I like your thinking but it's not gonna happen. Seems FI has already thought of that. Promotions are being removed - Buy squad players to your hearts content in the near future.

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