Quantity of shares available & selling via market

  • Hi guys, I have trawled through the FAQ’s and majority of the existing posts but couldn’t find the answer, so please forgive me if this has been asked before or if it’s a stupid question!

    I know that the maximum shares that can be purchased are 100 (pre SS) but are there an unlimited supply of shares for every player? The only reason I ask is that if I wanted to chance my luck and sell a player via the “go to market”, how do I know that my shares genuinely will be sold ahead of new ones that could presumably be generated? I would have thought that it benefits the FI more if we instant sell as they get a better return?

    In addition, are you told how big the queue is when you put your shares up for sale?

    Do the majority of people just instant sell rather than risk a sale to market taking longer and shares reduce in value? I’ve only bought so far and was wanting to see what most people do.

  • The queue can be infinitely long and you aren't told how many are ahead of you. I usually market sell , would only IS if a player was falling and I wanted out.

  • You have to take them at faith! But pretty sure it's all regulated, and I've sold lots of shares via market sell. You don't know where you are in the queue until your shares start getting swallowed up (except ipos... As you can't instant sell them it's easy to work out how many are in the market and how many are for sale)

    You only buy shares from FI when the sell queue for that player is empty... Hence if you put a Pogba or Neymar for sale now... You probably wouldn't have time to cancel it before you'd sold the share.

  • @Vespasian32 thanks for your replies. Given that selling to market should get you a better price than IS, do you usually sell a player this way when the player is still generally doing ok, as assuming if they are on the way down it’s unlikely someone will buy shares? Or do people tend to by anything....

  • @MVViolaris exactly as you say... If I decide to sell when a player is dropping, I don't even consider selling to market... Its a waste of time, you'll be far down the queue, with no one buying and the price continue to drop. If you are going to sell a player on the down I. E. When they get injured or transferred to China... Move swiftly and decisively for the IS button.

    The caveat being... I'm an active trader... Im usually in a capacity to be one of the first to react, which means by the time others start to IS the players price often drops below what I sold for... So if I do want back in, I basically get some free shares, compared to if I held. (martial injury vs Paris was an example... He'd been on the rise all week leading up to it... Think he was about £9.50 when the injury occurred, I managed to IS at £9.17...within 30 mins he was below £9... And within a week he was like £7.90.

    With Kane, when he got injured I was not online or hearing the news... So id missed the chance to IS at a good price... So i played the other way and loaded up on him... Now nearly £500 in profit and he never went below the IS price I would have got by the time I heard the injury news.

    When a player is doing well but I'm happy with the profit I've made and want to derisk or reinvest elsewhere... I market sell.

  • @Vespasian32 thanks. Really appreciate the input, especially from someone who sounds like he’s doing really well from the FI.

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