Hudson Odoi

  • Not watching the game any reason why people starting to sell? Or just purely taking their profits?

  • @GA taking profit I'd imagine, back to sitting on the bench weekend..

  • Apart from being sloppy once or twice he is showing signs of brilliance at his age.

  • Those that sold 5 mins ago will be gutted :/

  • Has he actually really risen since the goal?

  • Maybe he might have a case for starting for Chelsea 😉 , then again sari might have something to say about that😁

  • @GA anyone selling him now must be mad !! Who would they buy on the increase as much as him....

  • people seemed to panic sell after a few misplaced crosses. He's not even done much and is still standing out above most of the rest. If he does anything of note he could well increase further

  • @NewUser309471 Lol he's done three really good crosses. One with the left foot. Sterling shoulda headed goalwards and another Kane should have got across his man. Just cause they dont connect with anyone doesn't mean their misplaced. (unappreciated winger speaking here lol)

  • @LuaLua yeh sorry didn't mean that to come across as criticism, I think he's been our most promising outlet this half! If Sterling had got his head on the end of that cross his price would've absolutely rocketed. Very tempting to cash in whilst in this England bubble

  • He has so much potential, much like sancho! They are surley the future of FI with Mbappe and vinicius

  • I sold half my position during the first half, his price just felt too good to be true (up nearly 250%). Kept half so there’s not too much FOMO if he continues to rocket!

    Spent the proceeds on Dybala when I heard about possible Ronaldo injury.

  • Dropped 30 p in the last 10 mins

    Just put my last 100 in and currently selling with last 40

    He will be below £12 by the morning £4 after lunch and likely to stay there until the summer transfer

    I hope I’m wrong but went with my gut and took profit before got burnt like I did with dembele by being greedy

  • O wow here comes the drop.

  • Picked back up a fair bit, was 12.95 or so and back at 13.08 now. I'm guessing a fair few holders put in the queue and have subsequently taken out.

  • FI is absolutely fascinating at the moment! I can't look away!!!

  • one of those headlines is chelsea fans plead for CHO to start at the weekend. Lets hope so

  • Absolute madness. But definitely entertaining!
    I personally will hold for the next couple of years, got sancho, odoi and vj at around £10 each, and have no doubt they will be worth the same this time next year after SS

  • @GA I hope you're right mate I'm holding too I got him at 10.31 and gonna ride the CHO train all the way. Anyone watching tonight could see the potential he was better than sterling till he scored so don't see it taking long to break in to Chelsea team

  • @LuaLua madness. Even if you instant sell him you would need ro have decided already that you wont be buying back in the future as theres anout an 80p spread plus 2%. So anyone selling now would need to wait till he dropped below £12 to get back on without losing money.

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