Moise Kean and Players prices rising

  • Moise Keans price is gonna be about 2 pound something tomorrow after the split, should i invest heavy tomorrow at his lowest or tonight? also how long do you think it will take for the big players to rise up again price?

  • It makes no difference! If you invest tonight at the current price, you have 3 times the number of shares in the morning at a third of the price. The share split does not change the relative value of the player one little bit.

    Base your decision on whether you think his price will go up or not.. the share split is irrelevant.

  • @AdamCoskun - scored 1 goal for Italy. I know Ronaldo got injured but surely Dybala is ahead in the pecking order. What is the attraction of Kean?

  • @Coleyscrooge i bought it him Saturday night for 4.88 and he's gone up loads but im not to sure what to do

  • @Zidave im not to sure tbh, he played well against atletico and then got a call up and scored tbh i think he'll start for juve now ronaldo is injured now

  • @AdamCoskun said in Moise Kean and Players prices rising:

    @Zidave im not to sure tbh, he played well against atletico and then got a call up and scored tbh i think he'll start for juve now ronaldo is injured now

    It's difficult because Mandzukic and Dybala are more experienced. They have Douglas Costa and Bernadeschi so a lot of competition for places.

  • @Zidave i think because they've basically won the Serie A they'll use him more but i don't think they'll use him much in the CL

  • He might play against lichenstein tomorrow who have a leaky defence. Conceding over 2.5 a game. Italy beat them 5-0 last time. Buy half now half later simples!

  • good call in pointing out the Ronaldo injury being a factor in Kean getting more game time....

  • Apparent contract stand off with Juventus as agent wants guarantee playing time, little like CHO situation, starts for his country but limited for his club. Should got some pitch time though with Ronaldo out for a couple of games.
    He is currently the darling of Italian football.

  • @gball1975 I thought that was Zaniolo

  • 0_1553609410803_upload-8e3fd383-c917-42ab-9349-6e76c1f754c6

    Yeah very good news for us that contract one.

  • @Munchie63 Juve biggest club in Italy (it pains me to say being an Inter supporter) and first competitive start with a goal the other night... watch this space people, we are all very 'Kean' on this lad.


    Thought there was gonna be a massive dropoff if he didn't score. I can sleep easy tonight. Well done anyone who held firm. Juve first team here we come.

  • There is a little profit taking but can't blame anyone as he has risen well.
    With any luck more game time with Ronaldo side lined.

  • I know you are not meant to compare players relatively and kean is already inflated but he has now scored twice for italy and 3 times for juventus. He could potentially start for juventus against a poor empoli side at the weekend and yet he is now the same price as greenwood who has played 10 mins of professional football

  • The problem with Kean for me now is his price, he's going to score when he gets his chance, but he's way too expensive for G&A, and his game isn't particularly suited to PB, so what would be the reason to buy ? Capital Appreciation? Already missed that train imo.
    The game 2 or 3 weeks ago that he scored 2 including GWG.... there was only 3 games that evening and he still didn't manage to win.
    Feels slighty like the Mbappe situation, needing a hat trick with GWG to have a shot.
    I don't think a hat trick would have won it for Kean that night if it was a double or treble game day, just a little concerning, but don't get me wrong he's a great player with a big future, just maybe not FI future.

  • I've already been Zanioloed so jumping on Kean right now might not do me any financial favors but one thing I have noticed (since a trip to Verona a couple of years back) is that this boy is HIGHLY thought of in Italy and has been predicted to go far by many bigger and better experts than me so punting on a 19 year old that has scored 2 goals in his first 3 caps for Italy might not be a bad call...

    Thing with 'kids' though is that form is sometimes temporary, and whilst class is permanent it is more of a gamble to get that judgement right with someone who's played a handful of games over someone who's played a hundred. Now Kean is starting to play his best football and is potentially looking like appearing for Juve whilst Ronaldo is injured.. He could continue to rise very quickly.. or after a couple of blanks could easily fall? Key is investing when he's at his lowest possible price.. and i've a feeling it might be in the summer, but he could drop lower before he really starts to rise?

    It's a judement call with him.. buy now and i'm sure you'll do ok in time... But shorter flippers might see a time when he's not scoring goals for Italy or not regularly appearing for Juve as an ideal one to invest??

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