Back on the ferret!

  • @Ringers
    what was he on before the split?

  • @NewUser297399

    He was 33p

  • still good value at 13p,,,i'm one p short though! Someone sell 900 of him please. Or hopefully Rashford wins some MB today.

  • Could someone please explain why he isn't the worst buy on FI? Currently 13 - 10p so you need a 30% rise just to break even (& then lose 2% in commission).

    This is a perfect example of how the SS has potentially killed the cheap pump & dump type players, no money to be made unless you got in at a cheaper price or expect a MINIMUM 50%+ rise.

  • @NewUser159387
    He plays in a PB league.,, people who have him aren’t looking to pump and dump, he has potential decent IPD returns

  • @AdyH said in Back on the ferret!:

    he has potential decent IPD returns

    But only for 30 days & then you need to rinse & repeat, costing 2% commission & unless you can market sell a 30% loss!

    Will he really yield more than 32% (breakeven return) over just 30 days?

  • @NewUser159387
    His spread is fairly high at the minute so that doesn’t help, I guess that’s because there is a lot in the queue because I don’t think they can justify the % spread ..

    However he is low risk (albeit likely low return). So worth a gamble anyway

    Ultimately a regular player in a PB league @13p is surely worth a punt?

    I only hold 1 share 😂 as I had 11p left and it was burning a hole

  • @AdyH
    what you spending on him
    lets say £1000 futures at £130? hoping to get 1 assist? or we talking more?

  • @NewUser297399

    1000 futures

  • @NewUser297399
    😂 see above.. tbh if I had a bigger port then yes I would have considered buying more futures.

    Each buy is a gamble (hence why the futures are considered bets) so we are all hoping for something in every buy

    he is the only 13p with a 3p spread.

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