Coutinho price plummet

  • Did I miss something last night? Coutinho value dropped like a stone

  • Good time to buy then. Hes gonna get MB all through jan too.

  • Nike website started selling Barca tops with Coutinho's name on - been taken down now

  • Lots of speculation that Nike were hacked. Should be worth a bit of media buzz. And ghe barcelona interest wont be going away. I expect him to bounce straight back.

  • Oops hes on 4.26 now 😂 never seen a price crash like it. Hope theres a good reason because i cant see one personally. Reckon they make most of this up.

  • Something going on here. Maybe a big portfolio cashing out?

  • I'm not cashing out on Coutinho. I think he'll still do well in PB dividends and the World Cup is coming up.

  • Bit of a thread revival but I was thinking about my Coutinho holdings and considering bailing out. Rode the MB over Christmas which was nice but he has tased a fair bit in the past few weeks. Then I got the odd inclination to, instead of bailing out, Wading In!
    My thoughts are, that if Neymar, Brazilian, biggest transfer fee ever and playing for a big euro club, is £9+, then surely Coutinho, Brazilian, 2nd biggest transfer fee ever and playing for probably the biggest euro club, must look pretty cheap at sub £4

    This might be one of those, 'God it was soooooo obvious moments' when I look back in 2 months time, or I could be barking up the wrong tree with the wrong dog!

    Any thoughts on this folks?

  • Like I said in the other thread - at this point James (£2.71) seems a much more relevant comparator than Naymar (£9)

    It all depends on whether or not Coutinho ascends to the mega profile of someone like Naymar and Messi - if he does then £5 would be probable but with Messi at the same club then it would seem unlikely.

  • I disagree. Coutinho's PB and MB awards will still be big, and with the World Cup coming up, along with Neymar he is Brazil's main man. A must in the portfolio, his price will spike at the World Cup again.

  • I 'wish' i had sold Coutinho and must admit didn't realise his price would drop so much but I do think he's still good for PB and should he have a good WC/win the UCL with Barca he could get back to something nearer he was when at Liverpool... I think the struggle for him though is MB for Brazil is all on Neymar whilst MB for Barca is all about Messi... so I can see him struggling to improve to anything like he was... I just hope i'm wrong!!!

  • I'm getting more Coutinho, he's a gem!

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