Transaction fee from pound to euro

  • Anyone else playing from Ireland or in a country that doesn’t use the pound ? The foreign transaction fee is really killing me and then on top of that paying 2 percent commission.

  • Ya same boat as you, it’s 1% to deposit and 1% to withdraw 2% commission and possibly 3-10% if you instant sell. Still plenty of profit to be made.

  • I am in Ireland too and have been playing since early October. Remember, there is an additional gamble in the exchange rate between depositing and withdraw funds, which could go with or against you. This went against me initially but recent withdrawals have favoured me, albet minus the bank charges incurred in doing so.

    Interestingly, when I have withdrawn funds back to my card, there has been an additional payment to me of 2% of the withdrawal value eg lodgement £1,000, converted to euro €1,165, plus €23.30, which is effectively giving me that 2% back which the bank initially charged on the deposit!

  • Have you guys not heard of Revolut?

  • Completely forgot about Revolut, thanks for the help everyone.

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