Could someone explain this Share split to me?

  • Does this mean that this is the new price for the players going forward?

  • Yes.

    Prices have been divided by 3, but your shares are trebled.

    So you haven't lost any value, but you now have more shares and you can buy more at a third of the price.

    Dividends have also been split, but rounded up in most cases - so you'll be on average 28% better off on dividend payments.

  • Does this mean even though my players have decreased in price that i still keep the profits i had?

  • @NewUser134166 yep, you'll still have the same amount of profit and value in a player

  • @NewUser134166 It looks like we are all a little better off since the ss was done so don't worry too much about it.
    Just look forward to buying some quality players at a third of the price they were yesterday.

  • @NewUser134166 Your profits are safe.

  • This is astonishing that amount of money that will be pumped in to FI will be incredible

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