Firminho - Dog turning to Gold post share split ?!!

  • So Firminho has been my biggest loss - (over a £1 per share down after buying him at peak price in prep for 2nd deposit bonus last year).....

    So now we have the eagerly awaiting share split upon us.... any views on how long Roberto will turn into gold now he has at the bootylicious price of £1.32 !!! I say by the beginning of May as a starter ....happy trading folks !!!

    0_1553599547504_Firminho Dog.png

  • I've kept hold as think he will benefit from the increased IPDs at his new price.

  • Salah is my biggest loss. And a big win for Liverpool this weekend should rocket them both I hope!

  • @Hotspur yeah , i see that too,.........which is where my natural instinct is banging my head to not to throw good money after bad is where my current dilemma lies in wether or not to top up at this £1.50 mark now........

    oh well....still another 23 mins to decide.....

  • @TheFearlessFox Dog??!!!???

  • @TheFearlessFox the problem is, Firmino was available to the masses already at £3.96 pre-split.

    The boys at the top was out of reach to many so it's a bit of a novelty gaining access to them at the lower prices.

    Firmino will just have to sit tight for a while & wait for the money to arrive.

  • Firmino actually has an amazing dividend return...46p. Something that the likes Ousamane dembele could only dream of. At the moment he’s just unsexy.🤷🏼‍♂️But dividends don’t lie. He’s only 27 too.

  • @Valhalla I think that divi return is slightly skewed by the hat trick he got in the new year when he plundered a treble treble pay out on all complaints there obviously!!!

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