What's up with the spreads?

  • Neymar's spread at 25p, yet the likes of Sancho(30p), Mbappe(33p), Dembele(27p) and Ronaldo(27p) are higher at much lower prices.


  • I believe the spread is X3 aswell for balance.

  • It doesnt matter about price though isnt it about how many shares are in the sell queue? I was just thinking of starting a thread about spreads myself as the spreads on suarez and lewandowski are 7p and 9p previously unheard of at below £1.

  • Good old Godfred Donsah has a 2p spread on 18p a share - so that's 11%. Neymar seems a good value spread at 3%!

  • Actually, I just looked at Godfred as he's in my portfolio - if you look at the bottom of the market you have Park Joo-ho with a 6p IS on 8p a share, so that's 25% spread.

    Combating the pumpers and dumpers, maybe?

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