A few stats

  • Thought i'd post a few stats here, as we hit year end. These are from the start of IPOs (1/11) to 30/12.

    Media Buzz:

    Most wins - Neymar 8, Ronaldo 7, Pogba 7, Lukaku 6, Salah 5, Hazard 5
    Highest scores - Van Dijk 2670/2350 & Ronaldo 2190
    Lowest winning score - Ronaldo 360

    Match day player/performance buzz:

    Most wins - Otamendi 3, Alexander-Arnold 2, Mustafi 2, Rudiger 2
    Highest scores - Alexander-Arnold 255, Sidibe 255, Rudiger 250
    Lowest winning score - Sirigu 115

    Most wins - Coutinho 2, Parejo 2, Gomez 2
    Highest scores - Perisic 342, Silva 319, Coutinho 307
    Lowest winning score - Shaqiri 78

    Most wins - Fekir 3, Neymar 3, Salah 2, Verdi 2, El Haddedi 2, Petersen 2, Kane 2
    Highest scores - Rooney 294, Neymar 289, Kane 285
    Lowest winning scores - Unal -14(!), Haddedi 26

    Quality is beginning to shine through, though Fekir/Neymar/Salah did have most of their PB wins at the start of the IPOs.

    The stats are available elsewhere but hope this helps. Any additions are welcome!

  • If you look on transfermrkt.com pretty much all the top scorers throughout each european league are not even in the index

  • Interesting to see players who outperform players with bigger reputations. Verdi is a god, seems to do a lot of what the PB scores want him to do. Same with Parejo, Banega, and Gomez. I assume this is because they play in possession teams, and/or take on playmaker roles and are getting through more passes ?

  • @NewUser105497 sounds like a sound analysis, with x amount of GWGs adding more

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