Well Played

  • Well played FI. This went very well. Perhaps all the technical issues from the previous shutdown were done intentionally to make this one look so much better! :-) Only minor thing I can see is the pounds sterling number in my 24 hour gain and 7 day gain, whilst the % look correct, look as though they may be reading a third of reality. Anyone else have similar?

  • @Le-Blanc i can't fathom my dividends at all, they seem to be different to before?

  • My 24Hr and 7 Day gain figures have never been right. The All time figure is right. All that really matters I suppose

  • @Weedster Someone mentioned in play dividends now being included. Not sure myself.

  • @ShaneH i think thats what happened but still doesnt add up? was always within a few pence but suddenly a big difference happened. not complaining as its in my favour but still dont know what happened.

  • I work out my own percentage, as my portfolio cost isn't a true reflection for myself with the dividends & IPD's not being my money.

    They have been "won" & invested back into the portfolio skewing the figures showing I have spent more than I have - when it's money I have "won" or earned through trading.

    I know exactly what has been deposited as it's a nice round figure & can be confirmed by bank statements.

  • @Ericali yeh done much the same but do keep an eye on the divs as well. not to worry as long as its going my way i'm ok with it,

  • @Weedster @ShaneH When doing my pre. SS screen shots last night I noticed that the figure for Dividends in my Portfolio Stats page was lower than that on the transactions summary page. Now they are the same. Perhaps the in play dividends were previously only shown in one and now its shown in both. Other than that I have no explanation to offer!

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