24 hour thing more out than usual

  • Not one to complain but



    Up approx £64 but only showing £22 on portfolio.

    Heading to shop for vodka now but wondering if I need to calc my whole port manually when I get back?

  • Beauty, 150% on Moise Kean for me over the past month 🧐 absolute scenes

  • @MrWh1te Mine’s always skewed as well, but the all time figure seems correct. I just ignore the 7-day and 24 hour ones now. Would’ve been nice to see the correct figures for the past few days of madness, though!

  • @MrWh1te recently ive only really noticed an issue with the 7day one but now that youve mentioned it my 24hr is definitely bit off after today. This and the issue when selling bring cost price up seem to be the main two issues that remain unfixed aside from that im utterly amazed at how well today went for fi

  • @Black-wolf the 7 day & 24hr figures are rolling updates I believe, so may fluctuate quite a bit. At least I think that’s the case!

  • @LaneyNights yeah they are but they dont appear to be right at all mine currently says im up £33 for the last 24hr but my account went up over £60 yesterday and over £100 today so at no point was there a £67 drop to bring about the price its showing now

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