Where is your money going next? Predict the trend

  • We should all agree that finding the next trend before other traders is one of the great ways to profit on Football Index. So ask yourself this. What is the next trend?

    We have seen a wave of different trends over the last year ranging from several goalkeeper rises to young English talent and so on.

    With the share split dust now settled I ask myself where my and other traders money will be going other the next few months and I think it’s the hardest one to call yet.

    A few examples below

    Summer transfer rumours - this to me was the most obvious one but with now roughly 900 futures to move a players price had this method taking a turn? We do have increased MB so it will still be a good money making method but the capital won’t be as much. Also a ‘summer MB announcement’ is to be made in a few weeks so will people be holding out for that.

    PB players - a nice increase in PB payouts but with the season close to the end will these players see a rise or fall for the new season? Or is money going to go elsewhere over the summer until the season starts.

    Youngsters - over the last few months if you was heavily invested in young talent you would have made a killing. Will these players continue to rise when named on the bench, get international calls ups and break into their respective club’s starting 11.

    In play dividends - the biggest rise in pay outs was heavily weighted towards IPD but again with the season near the end is this where traders will be putting their money? Will these players prices settle higher with the pay outs so much higher?

    MB players - this links to the summer saga but will the media darlings who come in the top 10-15 every day see a rise with season end

    A few examples above if I have missed any feel free to add to the list.

    As traders if we are to maximise our profits you want to be one step ahead of everyone else so finding the next trend could be very profitable

  • Chinese takeaway

  • @B1992G with the close season drawing in, it seems obvious that the next wave is the MB magnets & players who have significant transfer speculation on the horizon.

    I'm not talking X sold to Y for £8m as that will barely cause a ripple.

  • MBs plz Paul Pogba & Jadon Sancho 😎

  • Sane next to rocket from mid price obscurity to over the massive £4 mark!

  • @Ericali so Bale that I hold none right now

  • Hazard has been teasing everyone regarding staying at Chelsea or going to RM. Pogba has been hinting at RM too, but I think he just wants to panic Man U in giving him an improved contract!

  • @Lukeroro Sane is the only player i hold that i dont really know what category he falls into he could fall on either pb or mb the reason i hold is im a Man City fan and i think hes a phenomenal player but in fi terms he still needs to show his worth

  • Im hoping the next surge is in the next tier of mb players i hold:

    Messi(still cheap in my opinion)

    I think it will be here or in the cheap IPD players where money will be made next and i think that area in between wont grow until the top dogs start looking too expensive

  • Hi,
    My port is set up and I dont want change anything. I did my homework weeks ago and now enjoying green fireworks like many of you. I got some players for summer transfer rumours, few youngsters, some MB/PB players etc...4 digit port so I cant cover all but 'the most popular' atm I have so its good. Just took 'some ' profit from last few days and investing in players from list below. I did my watchlist for that before SS so Im ready...!
    Im not looking for 'new trend' but agreed with you that finding the next trend before other traders is one of the great ways to profit on Football Index...but there is so many other ways to make profit so Im not rushing to jump on any 'train'. Good research with plan/strategy and trying be flexible&follow the market should profit.

    Groups of players where spare money can go !

    1.English prospect from Championship teams who will promote to PL or not but PL clubs sniffing around them already.
    2.PB monsters from no PB leagues.
    3.Gems from relegation or promoted teams in PB leagues.
    4.Players/stars from outside of the Europe.

  • It certainly won't be the next trend, but over the next few months/ summer, I'll be looking at key players for Euro 2020.

    Currently considering

    Cristiano Ronaldo. Never rule him out yet.
    Ajax youngsters
    T. Hazard

  • Shorter term, as the Europa League and Champions League narrow down, we'll certainly see money put into the players remaining. Predicting that is tough though, but Napoli & Barcelona are my choices.

  • @Black-wolf said in Where is your money going next? Predict the trend:

    @Lukeroro Sane is the only player i hold that i dont really know what category he falls into he could fall on either pb or mb the reason i hold is im a Man City fan and i think hes a phenomenal player but in fi terms he still needs to show his worth

    Aye. He has potential on all fronts. Just remember, this year he's not been regular. Next year he's a starter every game.

    Salah last year -> Mane this year
    Sterling this year -> Sane next!

  • @Black-wolf out of that list I'd say Salah and Rashford have the most potential for growth. Salah could come back fresh from the international break, he's not played badly but just hasn't been putting chances away and his price has suffered. Liverpool are still on for the league battle, in with the Champs league and a few goals in either will drive his price up.
    Rashford dropped due to his injury over the break, with money being taken out of him to be put in CHO. When CHO is benched, and Rashford starts next game the money fill flow back to Rash.
    Messi is always good for PB, and Bale may be good for some transfer buzz over the summer but I struggle to see which PL club would benefit from buying him?
    Ronaldo I see as a huge risk. Age plays a factor, and as much as the stories say he's built like a 20 year old there's no getting away from his injuries this year. Also the court case is factored in to that too, which means money may be better invested in other players to avoid further capital depreciation.

  • @GregF totally agree with you. Only reason i jumped on ronaldo was his price was £6.50. Thats half of what it was when i joined. Yes its still a risky hold but hes still bringing in plenty of dividends more than any player of that price so im willing to take the gamble i wouldnt had his price still been £10

  • Does the copa america count for dividends in the summer? Even if not i will probably get messi in before the summer for mb. Neymar will be talked about as well especially as its being held in brazil. Does the copa america make irrelevant club players like sanchez and vidal relevant again? Finally the nations league. If we win coverage on kane and sterling will be through the roof or if portugal win...ronaldo...

  • Should be transfers plain and simple ...

    Most of the summer MB is taken up by transfers in a non-world cup year and the supposed MB boost over the summer so if index does what it normally does, money should be moving to potential transfer players.

    Its worth noting that its not just any transfers but its the big name transfers that ted to hoover up most of the MB. Little ones don't get much but still get a price boost just because. Summer tends to be very stressful on the index so it can be best to get on transfer early and then get out before the actual summer so you don't have to fall foul of Morata/James collapses.

  • Based on the new dividend structure I plan on rebuilding my portfolio over the summer months.. I will have roughly 50% PB players and 50% IPD..

    As I have a small portfolio I will concentrate my PB players on Defenders as they are most affordable. Especially over the summer as I believe they will see the highest value drop as they are not usually high up in MB.

    The 50% I plan on using for IPD I will try and put on a few transfer prospects during the summer.

  • Mane I think has not been fully appreciated. He has been doing it for several seasons for Liverpool.

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