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  • Just a little thought I've just had. Over the past few weeks I have found myself putting more and more money into FI and I know people on here it with portfolio's over hundreds of thousands, with all this money flying around, should we hope to see increased security when logging in, like we would with a bank? I.e. password followed by security question/memorable numbers etc... Would definitely put me at a lot more ease when chucking a few hundred pound at a time on here

  • good shout, maybe they could add 2FA ? would be nice to hear from a mod about this concern but they rarely show themselves around here.

  • @JH what are your actual concerns mate, what's the thing that worries you ? We had a similar topic a few months back.
    The only thing that someone could possibly do is withdraw your money to your card, there is zero chance of them withdrawing to a different card, if you want to test the waters (i strongly advise against) then you can try and withdraw a tenner to your wife or family members card, your accounts will probably get blocked instantly because they see automatically that it's not your card, you will then have to go through all the process of proving who you are and so on.
    I think your money is very safe 👌🏻💪🏻

  • @Andy-M Thanks mate, that's re-reassuring.

  • @JH said in Security of FI:

    @Andy-M Thanks mate, that's re-reassuring.

    My pleasure mate, nothing worse than worrying about that kind of thing, one day i woke up and couldn't login to my account or the app for over an hour, my heart was absolutely pounding with all sorts of thoughts, knowing these things helps you sleep like a baby knowing you're money is in safe hands 😁

  • @Andy-M right, that settles it. Selling a kidney. All cash straight on to here

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