• Can anyone explain why his value remains consistently so low when he plays every game for Manchester City and is in the Brazilian team also?

  • Your shares last for 3 years, so you need to move them on otherwise they will expire. Fernandinho is 32? so in 3 years he'll be 35, zero resale value.
    He posts regularly in the 100s for PB scores, but is NEVER gonna trouble the 180s needed to win the performance buzz.
    He's not that big a player, so he's never gonna generate media buzz. For Brazil he's in the same team as Coutinho, Neymar, unlikely to get much from the WC. I wouldn't touch him, although he's a very good player.

  • Agree with half of the above BUT disagree that he's always the bridesmaid. He does score his fair share of goals and his baseline is so strong that a GWG should win him PB or get very close to.

    So considering how many goals City score and his importance to the side he should be worth about 1.20 in my eyes.

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