Share split

  • With the share split brought in to make top players more affordable is it less likely that players will reach £18+ again

  • Unless the dividends are increased by at least 50% we wont see an £18+ player again.... well thats the logical answer but sometimes FI isnt logical 😂😂😂

  • What do u think the top players like neymar and pogva will rise to now after sharesplit

  • If the amount of people who join FI multiply by 3, at some point it can get back to the stage we were at. I think there are still a consistent amount of people who are new to this, fingers crossed.. think how many people are out there who love gambling & football 🧐

  • Am I right in saying that it would now take nine times longer for the top players to reach their pre- share split prices given that 900 shares are required to increase the price instead of 100? Yes fine for pre-split holders but what about those who are buying now?

  • It takes more futures to move the price, but the actual cost is the same... seen this on twitter earlier so ill copy and paste it!!

    A move from 99p to £1.02 pre split costs £300.

    100 @ 99p
    100 @ 100p
    100 @ 101p

    A move from 33p to 34p post split costs £297.

    900 @ 33p

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