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  • can someone explain why the likes of sterling, mbappe, neymar, pogba & sancho are all on top of the top 200 largest increases and constantly going 'green' yet there values havent really moved... (with the exeption of mbappe) actually fact Neymar has dropped 10p in last 12 hours...

  • ive been watching it for a while, its almost like the players are not increasing with buys, but are decreasing with sales...neymar and and pogba being best examples

  • I wouldn't take the green flashing as gospel - not sure exactly how much/frequent activity is required to make it flash. I think a lot of users are placing their players in the sell queue now that the major spike appears to be over.

    Its quite normal for a small number of users to withdraw and take profits after a big market change - there will be a calm period after the storm of the past few days.

    Things will pick up again when club fixtures are back up and running.

  • @Chris-J

    you would expect users to maybe move money from neymar/pogba onto the likes of sterling/mbappe but whereas pogba and neymar are dropping, sterling/mbappe are stagnent

  • Takes 900 buys to move 1p, at the wrath of Eric, so loads of buys happening and price not move makes a lot of people think its time to sell at current peak. Whereas when it was 100 shares and the change in price was more visible it gave clearer indication to the market that a player was still desirable.

  • @Vespasian32
    great point

  • No doubt it’s been mentioned somewhere already but the Rashford train could being going at express pace until his contract is rectified and better still he’s been the only top 10 player that hasn’t had a boost in the last 10 days.

  • Has anyone recorded what price Neymar and Pogba were at the start point of the SS?

  • @John-D
    at about 23:00 they were about
    neymar £24.13 (£8.04)
    Pogba £23.55 (£7.85)

  • @John-D

  • @Friedeggs thank you 😀

  • @John-D said in player increases:

    Has anyone recorded what price Neymar and Pogba were at the start point of the SS?

    Did anyone not record!? I only did my port, but I have all the prices at midnight pre split, midday post split... Midnight post split +1, and will do same again every night for at least a week

  • @Vespasian32 i've been ill, never got to do a screenshot of port or top 200, so no idea of movements. If anyone has that info would be extremely grateful.

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