The next boom

  • Well the last couple of weeks have been fun. Hopefully the new prices are going to keep people investing still, though it'll obviously be slower then it has been.

    Purely speculation, but what do we think will cause the next boom period on the index?

  • When Andy M sends a parcel bomb in the post to Ringers

    Failing that Mid Priced players as the profits trickle down.

    Sane for example

    U21 international prospects e.g Calvert Lewin
    Players who have yet to be called up but likely to be soon e.g Grealish

    And of course.... The Ferret

  • Is that media announcement about the summer coming in mid april? May cause a small boom

  • Whoever is in the limelight, sterling could keep scoring, more media, top of the index? Not out of the question.
    Could Salah start scoring and secure a title for liverpool, thats a possibility, there will a boom on him.
    What if rashford nets a hatrick?, price boom or united beat barca?

    You just have to keep your eye on the ball.

  • Announcement day April 15th....every announcement brings a boom...i bet many wont deposit til this in case it is a deposit bonus or again some players become more valuable during the offer period.

  • @Tom77 Salah looked exhausted vs Fulham...he's had a fortnight off...i expect great things for the end of season. Similarly with Rashford.

  • Whoever scores on Friday should see a little boom as the new IPDs kick in for real , got my Stuani futures in advance

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