Share split

  • I feel that the share split has slowed down the profit increase on players. And has made it more difficult for players to increase? surely this is only temporary?

  • My understanding is that post SS it will take 3x the amount of shares purchased for someone to increase by the some amount pre SS.

  • But this will mean profits will be 3 times slower then before...

  • I'm still trying to get my head around it but here is my example below which should explain why 900 makes sense;

    Player A pre-share split value of £3 - purchasing 100 would increase him to 3.01 = 0.33% growth rate

    Player A post-share split value is now £1 - If purchasing 300 would increase him to 1.01 = 1% growth rate

    .....Therefore purchasing 900 is required to maintain the same pre-share split 0.33% growth rate

  • @D-man … basically yes. But at the same time more people joining everyday.

  • @D-man We can’t have a permanently booming market and it is the share split that’s been responsible for all the recent profits.

  • @D-man We have been phenomenally lucky to be part of such a new index. We cannot expect growth every single day. With the share split it allows people with lower budgets or more flexibility to play around with purchases. Ultimately meaning more users which makes it a more healthier business model for all.
    Go to any other investment site and see how much growth you get with the amount in return, and you will see how FI is brilliant.

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