Players moving to other leagues.

  • Curious to find know what happens if a player moves to a club in the USA or China etc

    I see the Leeds keeper is on here, they got him from a Bundesliga team, so I presume you stay on the index?

  • @NewUser105473 the rules state that if a player retires or is ineligible from the dividend qualifying competitions for 1 year or more that they will/could be removed from the index.

    Sounds harsh on the surface as Brewster could be farmed out for a year on loan for example so I think FI will be applying a certain level of common sense before traders lose their investment. Failing to do that could really alienate some customers which they're unlikely to do.

  • Keep an eye on Carlos Vela, off to the US in January, should confirm whether FI would enforce the Ts & Cs as correctly stated by Agatello. Interestingly though Santi Cazorla hasn't kicked a ball in well over a year now and he's still on the Index.

  • @NewUser78072 I guess it still is down to the software and staff as to whether it automatically does it, or it is to be done manually.

  • So if neymar moved to china everyone loses their investment?

  • It's only if they retire or don't play a competitive game in ANY professional league in the world for over a year that they are removed so anyone in China etc is fine, just doesn't win any performance buzz.

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