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  • Go to your Portfolio and click the SELL button.

    You may be able to cash out your Bet early (for either more than you paid for the Bet or for less) by clicking 'Sell' on the Shares you hold in your Portfolio (up to a maximum of 100 Shares per transaction). You are able to sell your Shares in two (2) ways (both of which we take a 2% commission fee and a minimum of 1p from each completed sale transaction):
    Copied from online!

    Does this mean a £1 sold player would be 97p where before it was 98p?

  • So in theory 3%?

  • I think it means that if 2% equates to less than 1p of the share value (players valued at under 50p) then it is rounded up to 1p.

    For all other shares it is 2%.

  • @Chris-J

    nothing new :)

  • @Chris-J so a 70p share would be rounded up to 2p commission?
    Cheers for ur help

  • I wernt sure whether it was 2% commission then 1p for each transaction? That go I read it

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