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  • Hi All

    I have been keeping an eye on FI for a few months but have only just signed up and deposited my first amount. looking at the way it seems set up at the moment i am considering investing in Suarez and Aguero. Would be helpful if you can help me out with my logic or if i'm completely barking up the wrong tree.

    Both City and Barca have a lot of upcoming fixtures in next 30 days and these two contribute to a lot of goals/assists so the potential for in play and subsequently media dividends is high.

    Suarez is coming back from injury and will probably play as a sub on Saturday - his price is pretty low because of this.
    Unsure considering the season Aguero is having why he is "cheap". Sterling effect?

    Both contracts expire in 2021 i would expect some rumours to begin floating around despite their age possibly for their final European move in the summer.

    Of course this is all speculation but my approach pre investing is my main worry.


  • @Kenny-R Welcome to FI. Your logic is good and the two in question do like a good price on the face of it. However, put simply, 30+ players rot on here and if you’re only looking for short term IPD holds these are a bit too expensive particularly Aguero.

  • @Kenny-R Hi, i'm new here too! - only been active for around 2 weeks tho i'd be very wary to invest in anyone over thats hitting that 30+ age mark

  • Remember the three S'S'S???? STRATEGY STRATEGY STRATEGY....

    WHAT IS IT?????

    Anyone can buy a future or more but WHY are you buying them???? whats your plan??? you're buying to make money right???? so when do you intend on selling to capitalize fully on that investment???

    Everyone on here's a good player but depending on your needs will depend on whether its a good fit or not for you!!!

  • Ah I see thank you. I didn't consider the 30+ being such a big factor as they have plenty of good weeks left in them both. And for a deal to mid way through the window when rumours start swirling I thought it would be good.

    I will carry on but look at age as well in the future. Seems crazy to not invest in a steady player to mitigate the risk of not finding the next Sancho and investing in youth poorly. Sounds like the holy grail is the middle ground.

  • @Kenny-R said in New here - investing advice:

    I will carry on but look at age as well in the future.

    Definitely sounds like something R Kelly would say ... 😉

  • @johnboywalker out of context it is shocking, my bad

  • @Kenny-R age is a big factor and hinders growth of a player but its worth noting that the older players (27+) do seem to fare better in the pb scoring system due to experience and more passing. Alot of the younger players that have more pace tend to like to run with the ball which unfortunately doesnt gain them any pb points

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