Share Split hangover

  • Think it was bound to happen that after the ss profit prices would either drop or stagnate as people sell off for their profits. So are people holding out and not selling, or selling now and buying again when prices increase again?

  • @Rhys-F holding mostly as not a lot off point in buying pre ss and selling already although I my self have cashed in on a few lower priced players to free up some cash to reinvest in the higher prices ones that I think will rise over time and gonna hold and wait til at least the next announcement coming on the 15th April and see where I'll go from there but it's a massive anti-climax after the last 2 or 3 days madness though

  • Im holding on to what i had and riding the drop off
    I think there will be a recovery to some degree through the rest of the week
    The 1st week in April will be quiet and possible drop off again and then from the 2nd week of April onwards we will see a bullish market again as we head towards the 15th April announcement and just after - not to mention the CL games coming up as well.

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