• What are everyone's thoughts on the new Opta Buzz? What should be included? What would you not like to see in this format? Who is going to be the Opta Buzz King?

  • @FI_Tom I am thinking the big guns will rule, Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Suarez. In terms of how it would work, that is a tough one, wil have a think. Do we have any instructions as to how Opta create their scores? or historical scores we can access?

  • @NewUser39383 Got to agree with you there! We'll take Opta's stats and create a unique weighted scoring system. We plan to make last season's scores available before the big release. Exciting times! How much will this impact your trading strategy moving forwards you reckon?

  • I'm guessing the opta score will count for the whole of European football, then just the players on the Index First Team can win it right? If so then I think the stand out attackers (Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Suarez, Lewandowski and co) will be the top points scorers. It would be nice to see how the opta is calculated though to see how scores compare through each position.

  • I agree ive allready pretty much ignored the new media buzz and built my portfolio around the players allready mentioned in this thread in advance of the opta. Forward planning 😆

  • @FI_Tom I'm led to understand the new system will comprise scoring from both the OPTA stats and existing buzz. Will you include OPTA stats from all European leagues in the new system? And will the buzz feed from European news websites also.

    I've read somewhere you are looking at removing the promotions/relegation system too. If so these changes will have a massive impact. My portfolio will be much larger
    and diverse to include a lot more European players, at any price. And I'll be able to leave my stocks in them without fear of losing the entire investment.

    Would definitely be a plus from my view.

  • I think that the Opta buzz should work similarly to fantasy football in that generally strikers are the most sought after players but goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders can win dividends too. If the Opta buzz was paid out on a 'team of the week basis' based on a standard 4-4-2 formation that could be interesting. maybe 3p a buzz per entry and 5p for the player of the week. If almost every player in the first team had a realistic chance of winning an Opta buzz then every player would become more valuable and in theory this would mean the prices would rise. In order for that to happen the Opta buzz would have to be open to all European leagues but I would perhaps restrict it to the 'European big 5' i.e England, France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

  • Quality reading all your thoughts, remember to get your feedback on http://trade.footballindex.co.uk/opta-buzz/

    Just think about this time next year aswell with the Russia World Cup, mouth watering stuff!

  • @NewUser65024 I love the team of the week idea!

  • Do we know when we're likely to hear how the opta Buzz will work. Cheers.

  • @Smithy said in OPTA Buzz:

    Do we know when we're likely to hear how the opta Buzz will work. Cheers.

    Yes - I'm wondering this too

  • Very interested in this too. Might bring more balance to the index with defenders increasing in price based on their performances

  • According toe FI CS, there'll be Q&A about this on twitter from 19:00 tonight

  • BOOM! What a night on the Index!
    For the full breakdown have a read here:

  • @FI_Tom love it! exciting times

  • is there a reason why suarez is not rising in line with the other big name strikers?

  • Suarez is around 2.50, only European strikers hes lower than are Messi (best player for opta clearly), neymar (not far off Messi on performance statistics, good age, Transfer rumours) and Griezmann (for obvious reasons). Hes also higher than Lewandowski (2.00) who tends to perform at around the same level

  • Forgot Ronaldo, again no surprises he's higher than suarez (media buzz, rumours etc.)

  • Anyone else noticed Griezmann is down as a Midfielder? Knowing he's not competing with players like Messi and Ronaldo for buzz wins, I can see him cleaning up in the Midfielder category and still a bargain at £3.00

  • Yeah noticed that, same for mertens. Not 100% sure what they will be classed as for OPTA but i'm pretty sure griezmann will be a striker (he's a forward on both whoscored and squawka). Would be good if FI could clear this one up...

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