Moise Kean

  • I currently have futures in Moise Kean but im not sure whether its worth investing even more? Does anyone believe he has potential to continue to rise? Especially now Ronaldo is injured for Juve...

  • @NewUser303652 nobody can say for certain but my opinion is that this is a very secure long term hold. Don’t be alarmed about the sudden drop in price, this is the market levelling out and actually showing a truer value after such a crazy last few days. He is a very goal hungry player and huge have already confirmed that Ronaldo will miss the next 3 league games, all against much mower opposition. So Kean will get plenty of playing time and should get a few goals which will increase his popularity again.

    I’ve invested heavily pre SS so I’m holding back any further investment at the moment but I’m tempted to load up more on kean as I can see him playing an important role next season.

  • Also jumped on Kean well before SS, since SS I have plenty so won't be topping up but certainly keeping hold of the lad...going to be massive for Italy.

  • I bought 200 of him during the Bear market on the eve of the SS as he was one of the highest risers on the day. I had to sell some shares to cash in profit, but have retained 177. He's a good, long-term hold and a backup to Ronaldo.

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