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  • Am I missing something with Rashford being shown twice? Also been paid out twice on Pulisic for yesterday? Can't believe how annoyed this is making me....please tell me if I'm getting this wrong.

  • @Weedster

    I have Pulisic and was only paid out once. He finished 3rd.

    I suspect this is just a little 'human error', with listing Rashford twice. Accidents are bound to happen once in a blue moon.

  • I have Rashford and Pulisic and got paid correctly for both. Rashford 2nd, Pulisic 3rd

  • @Weedster ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚how are you annoyed about being paid out twice rather than the once. If you ring them and mention you've been paid out twice rather than once I'm sure they will be happy to take the money back. If you have one or two of the other players they will look into and pay you out if your pay out isn't to do with that. I got paid out on Rashford fine.

  • Maybe they're working through the error. Still would think the first thing they'd do is correct the site like. Plus would have thought it was all computerised or algorithmic or whatever they call it. main thing for me is I can't update my spreadsheets until it's sorted.

  • @Shippers don't really think that's the point mate, we'd all love to get paid twice but what happens when its the other way? Should I spend all the money and then plead innocent when they put it right? Totally understand mistakes being made...but they shouldn't be as it's basic stuff.

  • @Weedster give them a ring and see if they know about it or are working on it. I believe the Media payouts are automatic but coding can break down. Do you hold rashford too? What does your actual transaction history say. If it was the other way round and I was owed personally id ring and see what the crack was. Things can and will go wrong from time to time but they seem to rectify it pretty quick. Media was a huge issue last week but it the moment S/S happended the points started tallying up properly. Think they knew that would happen which is why that was a slow burner.

  • @Shippers It's a bit mad. My site shows Rashford winning 2nd and 3rd buzz win, yet my transaction history shows me being paid out for Rashford for 2nd and Pulisic twice for 3rd??? I'll just leave it and see if owt happens. As long as I've spotted it and can account for it then ok, but p*sses me off when 6months down the line they take it back with no warning as they have done before. I haven't got a large portfolio but for some people this would run into hundreds of pounds. Just narked I suppose.

  • @Weedster

    Hi mate, I have exactly the same (Rashford twice on dividend winners, Pulisic showing twice on transaction history)

    However I have a spreadsheet that tracks my cash balance and I have definitely only been paid once for Pulisic.

    So itโ€™s just a rogue entry on the transaction history that doesnโ€™t affect the portfolio value or cash balance. No harm done ๐Ÿ‘

  • @Coleyscrooge never thought to check the cash balance but you're right I have only been paid out once on Pulisic even though its showing twice. Cheers for all comments.

  • I have Rashford and CHO and was paid for those (only once)... who came third?? presume Pulisic?? another irritation that needs to be sorted... would love FI to include some kind of history on these tables??

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