Points per minute / points per game stats

  • I've done some cool scatter plots this morning using the data from football index talk, on the top 10 points scorers per minute for defenders and midfielders, and per game for strikers.
    you can see them on my twitter if you want to have a look.
    I hope it's ok to post my twitter on here ? If not, happy to delete post.

  • Interesting stuff - are you going to be doing more of this kind of thing ?

    Looking at your suggestions - I guess the problem with someone like Fekir is that if he moves to a non Premier League team then he is likely to price drop. I think he's a good buy but maybe risky for that reason. I like Bailey he has a nice combo of Price:Performance with potential transfer buzz and his price means he is low risk. As a pure PB player Aspas is solid enough but I'd ideally like a younger player with potential to explode.

    Kane always looks a bit weird on this kind of thing. He is certainly worth his price due to his media yield and the fact that he gets his PB points in bunches which is what wins the PBs - not average score per minute.

    I think there was some stats on the average pints needed to win a PB per position. What would be the best analysis would be the number of times a player scores over this in relation to their price. So if takes 200 points on average for a forward to win, how many times has each forward scored over 200. That is probably the best indicator of a player's ability win PBs.

  • @mike778 hey Mike, happy to do so. But i only ever collected data on players on my radar, so i'm limited by what i can do. Have to check that other sites are ok with me using their data, as Football index chat were in this case.
    Agree on number of times exceeded 200 points - i can do that, since i have data for all of the major points scorers.
    Agree Bailey the big one, and so cheap it's silly. Though i really like Fekir too, he's up there with Mbappe and Dembele for me in terms of potential. But that's a subjective assessment.
    Re Kane - thing about those charts, is that they are ALL value players. Even though Kane looks bad relevative to higher value players on the scatter, his value relative to people not on those charts is really strong. And as you say once media buzz is factored in it is exceptional (WC and Champions League games too). The Champions League and EUROPA league teams are relly great value aren't they - because of the extra games and media buzz around these fixtures.
    Aspas no brainer yeah.

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