• Short term ramsey is a good hold for ipds and mb as arsenal still in hunt for europa and top four with easy run in

    But long term is where i'm more interested in opposing opinions
    I know the done thing isn't investing in players moving out of the premier league but I think he's a great investment at 88p.

    Mb reasons
    He has the potential to have a similar amount of attention and invested interest that homegrown Uk talent gets when they go abroad similar to gareth bale.

    He is a leader of the welsh team

    His average mb or mb base shall we say is great already atm as every midfielder arsenal are linked to is a replacement for ramsey and every good performance or show of character he gives for arsenal recieves extra attention due to him leaving on a free and next season itll be arsenal miss ramsey etc.

    Pressure is on with such a massive wage, increased spotlight

    He enters a team which will win their league and get far in CL

    Don't know what his pb scores are but i know that if juve can rekindle that form he had a few years ago with him as a mezzala which i think they stated was their plan then he should be great . Especially for such an op team in italy

    thoughts? considering topping up. bad idea?

  • I'm toying with slapping some money his way - I agree with what you have stated, I think FI will start to open up more media to the 'other' top leagues and as such he should a few media bonuses along the way.

    I also have a sneeky feeling that he will play a couple of years in Italy before he is back in the Prem, I would suggest he is a long term investment which we will be able to cash in on some time 2021.

  • @LuaLua said in Ramsey:

    if juve can rekindle that form he had a few years ago

    I bought him at 265 & sold at 465 at the height of his transfer speculation but recently rebought at 85 post SS as he looks good value again.

    They intend to play him in an advanced attacking role in a dominant team with many weak opponents & almost certain CL, so provided he can stay fit, he will have plenty chances to score/assist & perform well. Now whether that translates into PB wins I'm not sure but he certainly looks a good value hold at his current level for both short, medium & long term which is why I have re bought him.

  • Ramsey scores again. More dividends! Last week when he scored he went up 8p then fairly quickly dropped back down to 88p. I guess I should have sold him last time then rebought. Would have made a healthy little profit. and refreshed 30 day ipd.

    Will be interesting to see if he sticks this time. Or should i sell and rebuy. any views welcome.

  • He’s just gone top of tonight’s MB - above Felix who has three goals and an assist 😳

  • I'm tellling you all he could be a pb beast at juve.

  • @LuaLua got top MB player too. Think he might be bigger at Juve then people giving him credit for and he will certainly earn good MB each time he plays leading up to the move

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