What happened at the last Share Split ?

  • In terms of the required amount of shares increasing to move the price.?

    Did it stay unchanged from 100 before and after?

    I’m assuming that it never changed judging by the amount of people questioning why it is roughly 900 now

  • @Advinculas-Index just thinking of the numbers I find it hard to believe it was less than 100 before the last split

    If it was two way split before, using same factors would have meant it only took 25 shares to move 1p...and if it was a 4 way split would be 6.25 shares pre split to move 1p

  • @Vespasian32 It was 4 way. My only guess was it was a over sight by FI the first time, that they learned by. It would alson some what explain why the top players jumped 20% in less than a day on the first split.

  • "Max buy was 40 shares which usually shifted prices 3p. (Sometimes 2p). Wouldn’t read too much into it as was a very different market back then with miniscule volumes compared to today."


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