Gravenberch vs De Jong vs Van De Beek

  • Gravenberch is trending well at £1.08p
    De Jong is trending at £1.46
    Yet the best player Van De Beek & the same age as De Jong at 21 is only at £0.71p
    How is this possible, is it just due to the transfer links of DE Jong?

  • @Uncle-G It’s just a result of most people having the opposite opinion to you. Barcelona and Ronald Koeman to name two. That’s not me knocking your opinion as I have been accused of that recently by one individual!
    If you’re opinion is a good one you will be handsomely rewarded in this case given time so best of luck.

  • Haven't purchased yet but seriously thinking about it, appreciate your comment but the Stats don't lie, he's a Dutch International most goals and assist of all 3 in the league & champions league this season, not sure if the bug hasn't caught with him yet, time will tell i suppose

  • I dont really get the Gravenberch one, Ajax Iare buying a replacement for de jong, some player called Marin from standard liege. Gravenberch is 16 and played I minutes for Ajax first team. One link to Juve and his price is going up,meanwhile Juve have already brought Ramsey for midfield let alone their other players.
    What are people expecting from Gravenberch by the way?, I suspect he will be on the fringe of the Ajax first team next season and will maybe break through properly the next season at 18/19, seem about the right timeline to me.

  • @Tom77

    Traders just want to get on early Tom. It will be 2-3 seasons before he is established and we know how he fits into the PB system, but by that time his price will be a hell of a lot higher than what it is now.

    It's all about the FOMO brother.

  • @TheSleepingGiant what's FOMO lol

  • @Uncle-G


  • @TheSleepingGiant lol haven't had my 6 coffees yet this morning to work FOMO out

  • i too was on van beek but got bored of holding...i think he will get a big club eventually but there are so many options from Ajax/PSV that could get big potential moves - i guess you cant hold them all...well you can, but for a larger investment which could be on players who currently play in PB leagues... van beek is a 2 year hold IMO and even then if he moved to the prem there is no guarantee he'd be great, looking at the trend of buying from dutch leagues....look at Klaasen!?

  • @Uncle-G said in Gravenberch vs De Jong vs Van De Beek:

    De Jong is proven and is going to move to Barca so his price is high!

    Van de Beek is interesting; his stats at Ajax is even better than De Jong. The only reason for his cheap price is he 's playing for a non-PB league!

    Never watch Graveberch playing but he is only 16, more likely a young hype.

    I would go for Van De Beek; he will get better next season

  • @Victory If you can get to watch Graveberch play...suggest you do. He is in Hollands U19 Euro squads...not back at 16 years of age.
    Awesome talent, I have futures in him and certainly keeping hold of them.

  • as of today:
    Gravenberch: 140 (32p ~30% rise)
    De Jong: 1.93 (47p ~ 32%)
    Van de Beek: 1.64 (93p ~131%)

    Things change so fast, just a month ago! @Uncle-G

  • @Victory
    The Ajax lads have made me a small fortune
    Van de beek (125%)
    Neres (67%)
    De ligt (69%)
    Fingers crossed they send spurs crashing out of the champions league 🚀

  • @victory glad we all made nice profits on this one, be interesting in 5 years to see where they all are, potential to all be best in the world in my humble profitable opinion lolololololol

  • Nice work guys. Shame I missed out on the Ajax boys but have invested very well elsewhere.

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