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  • All tips for cheap GKs for IPDs welcome- try to back your tips up with some research please. Got 3 strikers ready Muriel, Milik and Benzema. Fancy a GK that might be so cheap it's worth it for the odd clean sheet here n there.

    I've been a long term holder of Benitez, mainly in case GK became valuable other than IPD. That hasn't worked out, but I will keep him as I got him very cheap and he is one of the best in Europe. He could move to a bigger club. I think if I didn't already have him I would be buying for IPDs too, so I may top up for the next 30 days. He's one of a few GKs to actually win PB divs this year.

    They call him 'The Wall'.

    But has anyone got any other cheap GK tips that I could add today with my pay?

  • I have DDG, albeit pre announcement, his base price could move significantly if he puts in some good media scores once its opened up... Similarly Pickford as England keeper and we love an error prone keeper.

    Then for ipd cheap I've gone Szcesny low spread... Juve have Euro games so will play more than some other keepers in next 30 and Juve have a fairly solid defence with some favourable fixtures.

    One punt I've gone for as I dont know a great deal about him... Dijon backup keeper is 10p... 5 caps for Iceland and 15 games for Dijon. Hes a newish signing so could be in line for #1 next year. @ 10p it's easy to have a stab with a reasonable number of shares!

  • Get yourself some Alex Meret.

    Only 22 yo and just broke into the Napoli first team ahead of "competition" (coughs) David Ospina.
    Ancelotti claims he's the best keeper to emerge since Buffon.
    High praise indeed.
    7 clean sheets in his first 10 starts puts him ahead of any other keeper that's going to get mentioned here imo.
    Added to which Napoli have a good run of fixtures in Serie A.

  • @Westy Édouard Mendy is a good shout

    Careful with Benitez, I think he's 46.

  • @Lukeroro said in Cheap GK IPDs:

    Careful with Benitez, I think he's 46.

    Can't buy experience, lol

  • @Vespasian32 Ha!

    Can buy a keeper who isn't a dad-dancing accident away from a career ending injury..

  • @Lukeroro said in Cheap GK IPDs:

    @Westy Édouard Mendy is a good shout

    Careful with Benitez, I think he's 46.

    Walter Benitez- 26

  • Runar Runnarson is a good shout @Vespasian32 he has started to play more regularly and taking over number 1 spot (55% games started now) only 10p, so 1 clean sheet is decent recent.

  • @Westy you're gravy then. Him and Mendy have spent the season cleaning up on clean sheets.

  • @Lukeroro just out of interest which Benitez did you think of?

  • I just sold and bought back my Ter Stegen shares. I have been against the 'quick bet' of chasing IPDs as a tactic but the increases have made such a difference that i just need pretty much 1 clean sheet in 8 to make my money back. I have also done this with my shares in Volland and Morata for the same reason and have a few other players in the sell queue for the same reason. Is anyone else doing the same thing?

  • I'd be wary with buying keepers right now.

    There were across the board rises in them a couple of weeks ago. So there could be traders ready to dump their load at the first twitch of second rise.

    Maybe just dip your tip in for now.

    But saying that, I quite like the price of Danijel Subasic at Monaco for some IPD. Similar to why I pumped Falcao.

    Improved form of Monaco, 3 clean sheets in their last 5 and next two games are against poor teams who don't score many.

  • Schmeichel is a good shout. 1p spread with the potential for IPD thus increasing his value. Longer term, there always seems talk of moving to a bigger club.

  • @Dronny-Gaz I do own by the way. Always like to point that out 😏

  • Angus Gunn do do do do do

  • As above, Meret of Napoli at 31p is an absolute steal.

  • Plenty of keepers on the rise today.

  • Predrag Rajkovic, 23yrs old - £0.19 with transfer rumors to Monaco and Bordeaux this summer. Been linked with many clubs over the years and only 1 year left on his current contract at Maccabi Tel Aviv. For FM players definite purchase.

  • Donnaruma 45p

  • @Victory Yeh good shout. Milan looking stronger recently. Young enough to hold longer term too if can't flip after 30 days.

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