Cenk Tosun 98p

  • Is the transfer to Everton on or off? Either way still full value for 98p if he does join it will look a good investment if he don’t will he drop? There still in the CL and long term he must go to one of the main leagues in Europe and a good player either way. What’s people’s thoughts on him? And the situation?

  • why is it good value? Sigurdsson is about £1 and i think Niasse is/was about 40p and both of them are in nations qualified for the WC this year, yet Turkey are staying at home and Tosun only has 4 goals this season in a poor league

  • Tosun has scored plenty in the ECL against decent opposition. Don't own him anymore btw just saying

  • @Dave-C Not doubting he is a good player but dont think he should be worth more than 98p even if he moved to Everton i still think this price would be too high for him until he does more than just 4 goals in 6 ECL games

  • Niasse is Dog Sh*t, Siggy's a midfielder. £1 - £1.20 is the standard price for half decent strikers across most top half tabs across Europe.

    I think Tosun is priced about right at the moment. If he flops or doesn't set the world alight he could drop to the 80p mark... if he's a revelation he'll double and more.

    The only reason I didn't buy into him was because I didn't think he'd leave the Champions League halfway through and thought he might join in the summer.

  • I think it’s a total gamble either way on one hand you have Llorente at spurs dropping to 76 or something and on the other side Mo Salah going from 1-50 to 4-50 I hear this poor league argument all the time which was used with Suarez coming from Dutch to Liverpool but then Janson same league prolific and a total flop Soldado came from Spain yet still flopped and who would of thought Vardy from fleetwood would come so good at a late age so anyone’s guess but if Sam can get Everton fireing again who knows. Cenk gets assists has well has goals and there’s less strikers than any other positions doubling chances for performance buzz if he hits ground running but Everton are a top half club so I’m aiming at this one has a long term hold

  • I've gambled. Only dipping my toes in for now but I've gambled. If he comes to Everton and starts scoring he's surely only going to rise. No European football is a negative but if he hits the ground running there will surely be a spike.

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