Which player are you kicking yourself most about selling?

  • Which player are you kicking yourself most about selling?

    I've only been on here since mid December. Bought CHO for £4.86 (old money) and sold just below £6.60 early Feb. Thought that had to be the ceiling for a player who wasn't getting in the team and relatively unproven. Can't bring myself to buy back in above £10/£3.33 :) Wish i'd kept hold and sold during the England game.

  • Also had CHO 4.50 x30 sold 5.50
    Martial at 5.00 sold for same he went to 9.00 plus
    These were early mistakes when port was only 20 now I’ve 100 never sell unless DOGS**T

  • 75% of my Sancho shares at £6. Brought for £2.20, not all bad as I put the money into Pogba at the time I think.

  • Martial at about £3.50 in the Autumn. Hugo Mallo last week as I saw he had been pumped on Wednesday night as he was my long term cheap hold.

  • VVD recently, can't remember price of the top of my head but he was negative for me for a good while and when he scored a couple of times I sold up to get some profit from here before he drops again.

    He then became a MB magnet scored another goal or two and had a nice increase in price.

    Don't really regret it as it seemed reasonable to sell at the time

  • CHO and Sterling for me, bought CHO for £1.34p!! before the SS, sold him for £2.61, gutted. Sterling bought for £3.21 old money and sold for around a fiver.

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