Platform Growth Infographic

  • Some very encouraging numbers here - fantastic growth, but still SO much potential!


  • Not sure what to make of the Traders figures. Seems much too low for Sign-Ups and too high for active traders.

  • Traders have more than doubled each year. Long may that continue. In a year everyone will have forgotten about this "900 shares is too much, there's no movement" because the speed of movement will have doubled.

  • Think how many people in the population are over 18, have spare cash, are into football and are into investing/gambling...surely it is way over 135k?

    Then if FI comes a household name like Ladbrokes etc then every year a decent new sign up of 18 yr olds to keep it ticking over.

    What they need to do though, is celebrate it as an alternative to stocks and shares, instead of ISAs etc to attract money minded people that might not necessarily be into football.

    I have gone in the stock market before and bought shares in all sorts...not because I had an interest in them as a hobby, but just purely financial minded decisions as frustrated with savings accounts. So you don't need to be interested in football to invest, as long as you can use data research etc and that data is open to all.

  • So they got 4 million in commission this season. Does anyone know or feel like calculating how much in dividends they paid out in that same period? Would be good to compare the two to see what kind profits they're generating without people using IS. Would indicate the general sustainability of the platform

  • @NewUser237880 It's £2 million.

  • @Westy unfortunately it wont be as accessible as a regular bookies mainly due to the complexity of it a lot of people dont take time to read and understand the product you’re looking more for investor type people with an interest in football than regular gamblers. You can see this just looking through some of the comments on Trustpilot of some people bad mouthing the platform who clearly don’t understand it or have took time to try to. Fi should make every new user watch a compulsory video upon joining that describes the workings of the index so they can decide if its for them or not

  • @Westy I've got a friend that isn't into football at all. He put about £200 2 months ago, just because I've been making money. He now has £6000 in. So you'r right about people getting involved as a purely financial minded decision.

  • @Black-wolf Yeh agreed. Need some money sense to get the most out of it and understand how it works.

    Perhaps an advert with Benedict Humber Batch looking at player stats and working out his port...then going to the boozer (pretending to be one of the lads) and watching one of his players score, logging on to see the PB live scores and slyly fist pumping with an intelligent smug smirk.

  • If everyone on the index could sign up one friend/ family member/ colleague...the platform would double in size overnight.

    That’s an exciting thought.

    I’ve managed to convince 6 over my 5 months on the index. 4 have stayed 2 have withdrawn. All 4 have made significant profits.

    Make it your mission today 😉

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