How to work out buy back price and remain in profit?

  • If I buy a player for x and sell for a profit
    Does anyone know a simple formula to work out, if the player then drops at what price can buy back and still be in profit

    For instance I buy player for £1 and sell for £2 making £1 - commission - he then drops to £1.50 so i want to buy back for next rise - how would I work out at what price I can buy back and still be in profit including commission etc

    I want to note the share price i can buy back at in my spreadsheet

    Hope that makes sense

  • Surely it is only dependent on the new buy price and the new sell price?!! You could buy a player at £1 sell for £2 and make a pound. He could then go up to £3 you could "buy back" and sell him for £5 on the back of another rise and make profit both times... Or have I totally misunderstood what you're asking?

  • not worth the effort, every time you buy a share, whether you have previously owned or currently own... the only decision you should be making - if I buy this share today, do I think I can sell it for a profit in the future? All the other figures about avg cost price or previous profit are irrelevant.

    I run through my port every day, look at the current price - without caring about what I paid for the share - and make a decision is this share going to make me money?

  • @NewUser274226 on that basis it would be £ you'd still be 1p in profit

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