Weekly/Monthly Leaderboards

  • I am really enjoying FI at the moment and I believe the site will continue to grow and grow. But I do believe the weakest part of FI is the interaction and/or competition between users and I think if this could be added in some way, it would keep people interested and excited about checking their portfolio's every day.

    For example:

    There could be a weekly leaderboard of all traders were you rank due to your % (profit/loss) per day. i.e. they could have a top 100. 1st place = 100 points. 2nd place = 99 points etc...

    At the end of the day the points leaderboard could be updated and then come the end of the week, the top trader could win a prize such as £50/£25/£10 added to the winners account (like they do on twitter on the odd occasion)

    Not sure if anything like this has been mentioned before, but I believe it could bring a whole new aspect to FI.

    Let me know what you guys think

  • @JH

    I think that's a cracking idea.

    It would be a fun community thing.

  • @Dan-The-Man Hopefully FI see this idea and consider it, would be great to know if it is in their plans one day

  • I seem to remember a podcast from a while ago saying they used to have something where traders could win a monthly prize or something?
    Is there anyone on this forum who's been around since the very start? Would be good to pick their brains and see what it was, and why it stopped?

    Edit: just realised how unhelpful that message is. There was something that happened that one time, someone else will tell you about it.

  • @GregF Did you manage to hear anything in reference to this? I tried to do some digging but had no luck

  • @JH nothing unfortunately. I’ll have a listen to a few of the podcasts again though and see if something comes up

  • @GregF @Andy-M might know.

  • @LuaLua Just been scrolling through my Twitter history, there was a question/vote thing a few days ago about starting something up again, not trader of the month but something similar, they were asking for ideas..

    It was during a time of many tech issues, so my reply was concentrate on fixing issues first.

    Couldn't find the post, possibly deleted.

  • @Andy-M Thanks for response mate. I guess its nice to know they're thinking about stuff at least. Feel like the forum needs a bit of a freshening up, a revamp with some new features.

  • @LuaLua you're welcome.
    A good start would be getting rid of idiots like that Tincan troll from earlier, pathetically trying to scaremonger other traders 😞

  • @Andy-M Really weird they haven't anointed any mods yet... im on single digit group chats with more mods.

    Also annoying the private meesenger is shit on here. And the fact we cant create our own groups whats that all about. Orrr private forum posts. I could go on but ill stop. Forum could be so good.

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