Help ! - Question from beginner ( ''The most annoying questions are the best to learn :)'' )

  • Hello guys, and thanks in advance to everyone taking time to read and reply to it. Much appreciated.

    My first question is pretty basic, Basically if I want to sell a player I have in my portofolio, but not an instant sell, but to sell in '' join sell queue ''. Basically it says it will be sell if a trader buys it.

    My question is where does my sales is appearing ? and where you can see others trader selling their player this way ?

    Sorry if it sounds tricky but hope you understand what I meant.

    My second question :
    What do you recommend to follow in order to keep learning and get nice advice from ppl having good knowledges about FI ? ( Any website , Youtube Channel , etc ? ) Please share

  • @Alleyes7 hi mate and welcome, if you sell a player to the market you won't be able to tell if it's at the front or the end of the que however its obviously the best way to maintain profit. U have to hope you're player is in demand and they will be picked up pretty quickly.

    Regarding any advice. Watch the available videos on the site especially those in relation to the recent share split and there is a pinned topic created by @Misto named "all things football index" this will answer almost everything your looking for. Other than that enjoy it's a great platform to be part of

  • @Shippers First of all, thanks a lot for your prompt answer, Really helpful.

    If I understand well, If a player that I see by example to buy at a 1.12 and I put it on the sell queue at 1.10 than another trader will see on '' his FI Platform '' that the player is available at 1.10 and if he's buying it than I made the sell. Is that right ? And thanks for sharing @Misto profile.


  • @Alleyes7

    Assuming the example is that you would be placing a £1.10 reserve price....
    Then you are incorrect.

    The current buy price is what all investors see.
    If the shares are sold whilst the price remains at £1.12, this is the amount you will receive (-2% commission).

    If the current price falls to £1.11, then you will receive that amount (-2% commission).

    If it falls to £1.10 you will receive that amount (your stated reserve price - the lowest point at which you will sell).

    If it falls to £1.09, your sell order will automatically be cancelled and the shares will be returned to your portfolio at £1.09.

    Hope that makes sense.

    By studying the margin between buy and sell prices, you can gain a good indication of the size of the sell que.
    Most players at any single price will have a similar margin.
    If the margin is greater, there are more shares in the sell que.

  • @Alleyes7 you won't see what's in the Sell Queue until order books come in. You'll know you're at the front of the queue when your players start selling in dribs and drabs

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